A devotional that’s with you in every season of LIFE.


There are so many devotionals out there. What makes the seasonal LIFE Devo different?

When I first began my journey with Jesus, I wanted to know Him more than anything. To my dismay, many of the devotionals I found only supplied sugar-coated messages that didn’t help me grow.  Every message seemed to be the same:  “pray without ceasing” or “Don’t worry and trust God.” 

While these messages resonated with my heart, I found myself in the dark when it came to applying these truths. I needed something that challenged my Spirit and gave me solid, real-world applications. I desperately wanted to understand God’s plan for my life and how to navigate my own hardships, depression, anxiety and fear. I needed to know more about God’s love and why I was worth dying for. 

What I was looking for simply didn’t exist, so, by God’s grace, I spent 2 years carefully and prayerfully curating the Seasonal Life devo. These books are full of lessons God has taught me over the years and examples of how He has grown me. I am blessed by this book every day, and I hope you are too!

✓ The Seasonal LIFE devo is beautiful.

Our God is a God of truth and beauty. As you open these gorgeous seasonal devotionals, you will be greeted by biblically-based messages inspired by the Holy Spirit. Every message is coupled with a correlating scripture and a practical daily application. 

We went to great lengths to craft these books to reflect God’s love for excellence and beauty. Each turn of the page reveals thick, high-quality paper, beautiful visuals, and ample margin space for note-taking when inspiration strikes.

✓ The seasonal LIFE Devo will challenge and change you.

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is living and active, changing us from the inside out. Every entry in the seasonal LIFE devo is inspired by Scripture and will challenge you to live for Christ every day. 

Jesus is calling — what are you waiting for?

✓ The seasonal LIFE Devo gives back.

Every purchased copy of the seasonal LIFE devo shares the gospel with 150 people all around the world through our partner ministry 1billion.org





With Spring comes awakening, renewal, and fresh starts. Together, we learn how to cultivate our hearts to bear fruit and overflow with praise. Water your soul and refresh your spirit with the word of God and see what He has in store for you.



Take this devo to the beach or lake and learn how to connect with God. Just as the summer brings warmth and light, God wants our hearts to burn with devotion for Him. We will embark on a journey of praise and devotion. You will learn how to connect with Him and hear His voice, how to avoid temptation, how to create healthy boundaries, and discover the meaning of the Gospel. These lessons will lay the groundwork for the Fall.



The kids are going back to school and everything feels new and crisp! As the leaves begin to change, so do we. In the Fall, we will learn how to make understanding and studying the bible so much easier. Additionally, get ready to learn what it looks like to practically follow Jesus and how to find your personal ministry. This Fall edition is all about taking action!



When the world gets dark, we need a light — and our light is Jesus. In this Winter devotional, we discover that God is not the light at the end of the tunnel but the light in the tunnel with us. We will learn together how to live a life of peace during chaos and how to deal with the difficult issues of life — loneliness, fear, loss, anxiety, and brokenness — from a biblical perspective. In the midst of hardship, you will see a common thread of God’s incredible love for you and His never ending devotion to us all.